Tanka Series
The White Dog Series

The little white dog
doesn't mind his gruff manner;
from her secure perch,
his arm, she holds dominion
over black cat and carpet.

Violent, impish,
she commands his attention,
draws him away from
paper, book, or baseball game
with yip and feather - light pounce.

In dreams, she fancies
her separate bed a pretense.
Still asleep, she climbs
over hilly counterpane,
rests in the crook of his arm.

Imprisoned, she waits
for his imminent return,
barely distracted
by the jays and fat gray squirrels
mocking from the bird feeder.

Sink - bound, the small dog
unglamorous, bedraggled,
suffers through her bath.
Later, blown dry, she forgives
her undiscerning humans

On the gray suede couch
two contented bodies rest:
the powderpuff dog
growls, chasing dream squirrels, sheltered
in the dozing man's shadow.

-- A gift from K.B --