Sonnets are usually composed of 14 lines of iambic pentameter. The sonnet form reached its apex during the Renaissance. There are two common forms of sonnets, with some variation. The distinctions between the two forms have to do with the rhyme scheme and where the "turn" (the speaker's resolution or new perspective on the topic of the poem) occurs.

Shakespearean sonnets make wonderful love poems -- just look at Shakespeare's own compositions! These sonnets are composed of four stanzas and have alternating rhymes with a couplet at the end: ABAB CDCD EFEF turn GG

Petrarchan (named after Petrach) sonnets usually ask a complex question and supply a substantial answer -- they are built to address great life issues or dramatic epiphanies. These poems are composed of 1-2 stanzas with a more complex and demanding rhyme scheme: ABBAABBA turn CDCDCD (or CDECDE or CDCDEE)

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