How long does it take for Articulate Gifts to complete a poem?

Our turn-around time can be from 1-2 weeks once we receive your order. Of course, shipping will add a few extra days. If you're in a rush, please select one of the rush payment options to guarantee the quickest possible response.

Do I get to see my gift poem before it's sent?

Usually, yes, unless yours is a rush order and you've agreed that we should just send it as quickly as possible. We like to make sure every customer is pleased before the poem goes out, and we're always willing to make a reasonable amount of changes and revisions.

Is my poem really unique?

Yes. We will never reuse the same gift poem.

Who owns the rights to the poem?

Articulate Gifts retains all rights to any poem. If your gift poem is ever selected for publication or any other honor, we will contact you to let you know about its new audience. Further, wherever possible, we will acknowledge you and/or your recipient in the publication.

What if I don't like the poem?

Articulate Gifts is committed to your satisfaction. We will attempt to revise any unsuccessful poem; if we can't create a version that pleases you, we will refund your money.

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