About Us
Articulate Gifts was created for people who recognize the value of a gift that is personal, unique, and expressive. We use your feelings and experiences to create a message that goes straight to the heart of your recipient. Poetry in cards is written with the goal of being generic and appealing to everyone -- sometimes, the result is a poem that appeals to no one. At Articulate Gifts, we pride ourselves on instilling our poems with the specificity of a particular relationship between real people.

Many of our customers feel that they lack the time or the words to adequately express their feelings. These days, it's not unusual to find yourself failing to fully acknowledge an important occasion or milestone -- even when you had every intention of taking the time to choose the perfect gift. Be assured that Articulate Gifts will reflect upon your input and create a gift that represents the full measure of your care, your love, and your pride.

Kathryn Bass, the poet behind Articulate Gifts, believes in the importance of poetry in everyday life and enjoys taking on the challenge of expressing the universal and individual feelings of others. A widely published, award-winning poet, Kathryn takes pleasure in writing as a way of life.

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